Online trading has changed the game for a lot of traders and has also helped establish a certain precedent in the world market. Online brokerage companies continue to look for different ways to up their service feature levels. The competition is fierce in the trading world and every day is a new day which brings a new set of perils. Traders need to equip themselves with resources that will help them grow in the long run. You may perceive certain securities to be profitable investment opportunities, but instead of throwing money without having strategic ploy, you can count on these brokerage companies to mediate better deals for you.

I won’t lie, I myself have been able to make the most of the advantages offered by online trading platforms. The trading experience of each trading platform varies, so it is up to you to decide which one is most suitable for you. The investing goals, educational requirements and learning ability varies for each trader, which is why they need to align each of these into a particular trading platform and its corresponding features. It is hard to imagine that one trading platform can accommodate all of your requirements, but as a trader, you need to leave room for yourself to grow.

I know I am not in the same position that I was a few years ago, and it has taken me considerable time to build this momentum in the market. The trading platform that I have been associated with is SecuredVC, and it was my father who recommended this platform to me. I saw the way he was able to build his portfolio and decided to give this platform a chance. While every trader seeks to set his/her own arc in the market, having a credible trading platform at hand works as an advantage. I wanted to review the characteristic features of SecuredVC in order to make it easier for new traders to perceive what this platform is all about.


The first thing that traders accessing this platform will perceive will be the display layout. This accounts for all the service features that are lined up on the main page. The platform has a dark theme which they follow for the entire server. I personally was not a big fan of the colour scheme that they chose for their server and would have preferred if they had chosen lighter tones. The selection of options on the other hand is pretty easy, for they have kept it simple and straightforward. I did notice that there were no instructive tools for beginners, which could help them find their way through the server.

The platform integrates the option to access the legal page for traders at the end of each page. There are unique tools such as automated scroll which will push the page back to the top even if you have scrolled to the end. I found this ease of access really thoughtful. Other than that, you can also access the live chat with the integrated tool in the web page itself. This is helpful for communication with the service providers available on the platform as it will direct you to the customer service section.

Language selection was another fundamental factor that was integrated on the landing page itself. While the selection is pretty simple and straightforward, the options on the other hand are very limited. The website for SecuredVC is optimized to suit two languages which include English and Thai. Traders who are accustomed to other languages might find themselves at an inconvenience here. The platform can do more to accommodate traders from other regions of the world. They do have a disclaimer that states that traders from certain jurisdictions will face limitations while accessing this platform. While you may find this to be a little problematic at first, you will soon realise that the security policy implementation calls for certain directives to be put in place. SecuredVC takes stringent efforts to ensure that all security protocols are followed on the platform by its clients, no matter which region of the world they may be trading from.

Trading Platform

SecuredVC has optimized its tools to better trading conditions for traders of all levels. So, it doesn’t matter which type of trader you are, be it a beginner or an expert, you will definitely be able to make the most of the tools provided to you. The over 200 tradable assets of SecuredVC expand your investment opportunities while also offering you a range of popular options such as Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Cryptos. I personally did not find the collection of Cryptos that worthwhile and would prefer if the platform were to introduce more types in that category. I understand that cryptocurrency continues to expand exponentially in the trading world, but being able to keep up with the market scene is what makes trading platforms flourish in the long run.

The chart has got to be the most interesting tool on the platform as it relays essential trade data through illustration. I was able to custom set the type of graph with respect to my own preference. There are five types of graphs that are available which include Line, Spline, Scatter, OHLC, and Candlestick, and each of them has their own respective custom features. I chose the Scatter graph as I found the information it provided pretty comprehensive for my trade reports. As a trader, you will find out soon enough that time is money so you need to take smart decisions quicker, which is why effective calculations should be made in due time. The chart indicators included more than 30 options and were well set for position placement. I, however, was not impressed with the colour scheme that they had set for them as the redundant green and red made for an unattractive display. Then again, this was a personal preference of mine as I like brighter modules.

Traders can set this platform according to their own trading requirements, and the platform does not interfere with your investment objectives. However, if you are looking for support, you can always contact the independent expert brokers that they have lined up through service operators. The option for support is not available on the main page, and you will be required to go back to the main page in order to access it.

Account Types

Once you find the platform’s service features worthwhile, you can choose to sign up. The signing up process is pretty simple, however, you need to be sure of the account package that you are willing to opt for. SecuredVC has 4 account packages with a list of service features for each one. I chose to opt for the Self-Managed account as the minimum deposit requirement was €250, which I found to be pretty reasonable. I wanted to do a trial run of trade operations on this platform using this account, and once I was satisfied with the trade conditions; I decided to upgrade.

If you think that upgrading to higher accounts is not that feasible, you will surely be impressed with the package that SecuredVC offers its clients. They make sure that the entry prices are affordable for each account and the commissions and fees do not exceed a certain limit. While it is hard to accommodate all types of traders, SecuredVC does its part by offering a range of account types. I upgraded to the Gold account and found that it had even more features to offer which included Gold Spreads, Bonus Funds, Trade Room Analysis, Financial Planning, Risk Management Planning, Special Venture Promotions and Monthly Webinars. You can select the account type based on your own respective trade requirements.

Client Support Service

SecuredVC strives to be a client-oriented platform, which is why they make sure that traders are satisfied with the services offered to them. The way that they managed to keep up with the needs of their customers is by effective communication. This communication is possible through three different methods which include phone, live chat and email. You will find that the phone services are temporarily switched off owing to COVID-19 precautionary health measures. SecuredVC takes into account the well-being of both their brokers and customers alike, which is why customers have the option to give feedback after each support session.

Unless it’s a time-sensitive query, I preferred to use the email method of communication with the platform. This method does not take much time to process, as you will receive a confirmation email right after you send your query. However, the response is a little delayed as compared to other methods. The live chat gets you through immediately as there are service operators ready to patch you through to related experts. It is up to you whichever method you choose to opt for. Other than that, SecuredVC ensures that all responses are carried out in due time so that customers do not face any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

Traders looking to establish their portfolio and better their trading experience should try this platform. My personal experience with this platform has been pretty satisfying and not only has this platform helped me grow as a trader but it has also directed me to make greater profits.

NOTE: This review is submitted by an independent author. Please exam the terms of condition of the respective website before you make monetary investment. does not take any responsibility for your gains or loss.

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